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Why do you plan to make master's degree?(你为什么想读研?)Firstly, postgraduate study is not only to improve education and vision,but also to ave more opportunities and abilities.Secondly,I took the postg

Why do you plan to make master's degree?(你为什么想读研?)

Firstly, postgraduate study is not only to improve education and vision,but also to ave more opportunities and abilities.Secondly,I took the postgraduate entrance exam out of my interest in this major. At the same time, I realize that until now what I have learned is far from enough for this target, and I take it necessary to continue my learning in this field, so I choose to go further with my study to achieve a master's degree.


 Why do you choose our university?(你为什么选择我们学校?)

I was initially attracted by your university's high reputation。After consulting with several friends who have studied at your university , I was even more impressed by the university's strong academic atmosphere and the professors sense of responsibility,all of which strengthened my determination to continue my studies at your university.


What do you want most from your work?(你最希望从研究生涯中得到什么? )

I hope I can get a kind of learning, to get skills from my research.Though I have studied in school for nearly 4 years, I have only learned knowledge, little experience on experiments. I hope that learn something new and the wisdom about how to do scientific research, and become a professional in the field.


Have you experienced stress at study? How do you handle it? (过去学习上的压力是如何解决的) 

Definitely I have experienced stress at study in certain situations. For instance, when I am asked to challenge a difficult task, I will be very anxious and stressful. In order to handle the situation, I make a feasible plan for completing the task and try to do a little bit everyday to make the overall workload feel smaller.


What's your favorite book and why?(你最喜欢的书是哪一本?为什么?)

My favorite book is The Old Man and the Sea. It was written by Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest American writers.

The book told us a story of Diego, an old man fishing in Cuba. Though he faced many difficulties at sea, he didn't even catch a fish back. But he was optimistic and still full of hope. Diego is like a mirror, telling us: Never give up!The final success often comes after the last try.I've stuck on the wisdom all the time since I read this book.

The story makes me believe: nothing is stronger than mankind's firm faith.

我最喜欢的书是《老人与海》。它是由欧内斯特.海明威写的。欧内斯特海明威是美国最伟大作家之一。这本书给我们讲述了迭戈,一个在古巴钓鱼的老人故事。虽然他在海上遇到了很多困难,甚至一条鱼也没有钓回来。但他很乐观,仍然满怀希望。迭戈就像一面镜子,告诉我们:永不放弃!最后的成功,往往就在最后一次尝 试之后到来。自从我读了这本书,我一直坚持他告诉我的这种智慧。因为这个故事让我相信:没有什么比人类坚定的信仰更强大了。

What would you do if you lost the chance to be a postgraduate student?(如果没考上研究生你会怎么做?)

There's a saying ,get up where you fell down. If I failed the interview this time ,1 will check my weakness and do as much as I can to make progress and I think one day I will be qualified to this program as long as I persisted in chasing it.


Could you say something about your experience of your job?(介绍你的工作)


I have previously worked as a English teacher in Guangming School. From my work, I learned how to find information as well as speak skillfully and so on. I did get a lot from that job. And l also accumulated which is related to teaching.


What contribution can you make to the school? (你能为学校做出哪些贡献?)

I can contribute to the school/program.I have two reasons.

First of all, i graduated from XX University(学校)、and majoring in XX(专业)So, I have my own understandings of xx(专业) field. And,i can provide XX(专业)industry consultation, analyze industry trends, and put forward relevant suggestions.

Second, I am now the manager of XX Department of the company. I have certain working experiences and accumulated XX(专业) related resources. So, I can share these resources with you. In case of special cases, I will hand in these resources to the college for research. After that, we can organize teachers and students to visit. In this way, it can provide reference for you, and broaden your road of management.

首先,我毕业于XX 大学 XX 专业,毕业后从事 XX方面的工作,所以我对 XX领域有自己的理解,能提供 XX行业咨询,分析行业的趋势,提出相关建议等。第二,我现在担任公司XX部经理,有一定的工作的经验,积累 XX相关资源可以与大家共同分享。遇到特殊案例时,也可以提供给学院进行研究。之后,再组织老师和同学参观,为大家提供参考,开阔管理路。